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Claremont Council Chambers Rebuild

Project:                   Claremont Council Chambers & Administration Building       
Developer:             Pindan Constructions   
Project Value:       $5.5m
Completion:          November 2014

Once a heritage listed building built in 1898, Claremont Council Chambers was engulfed in a huge fire in November 2010, causing millions of dollars in damages and losing 112 years of historical documents.

In 2013 a tender went out for the restoration and reconstruction of the original heritage building, with an integrated  three level extension adjacent to it. This contract was awarded to Pindan Constructions in 2014, who in turn nominated Absolute Balustrades as the sole balustrade supplier for the project.

Quote & Measure

The project was put out to tender in June 2013 and awarded to Pindan in early 2014. The concept of the project was to restore and reconstruct the original burnt out heritage building and then integrate and construct a new three level extension adjacent to it. ABS quoted Pindan the for the balustrade in July 2013 and were awarded the project in April 2014.

Design & Manufacture
All ABS products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Wangara, using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. Below is a list of product design specifications, designed and manufactured by ABS for the Claremont Chambers;


Balconies:                      18.28mm toughened laminated frameless glass, planar fixed
Internal Stairs:             15mm toughened frameless glass, planar fixed 
External Handrails:     Custom handrails using a mix of stainless steel and aluminium

The balustrade also needed to comply with the Australian Standard AS1428, which is the Australian disability access code. Absolute Balustrades met all the relevant requirements for the AS1428 code when manufacturing the balustrade for balconies/stairs and the external handrails, i.e. the handrails needed to be completely round with turn down ends.  


Installation of the balustrade began in October 2014 and was completed in November 2014. As a result of our streamlined company infrastructure, excellent project management skills and highly skilled and knowledgeable employees, ABS managed to get the project done on time, to the client's specifications and with little disruption or breakages.


The completion of the Claremont Chambers building was announced in October 2014 and the council have recently moved into the new building. The new building is much bigger, sufficient to accommodate all Town of Claremont staff and allowing provision for future additions to the building should an amalgamated council become a reality. It also features a Council Chamber with a capacity to accommodate 50 people in the public gallery, a dining room, two large open plan offices and meeting rooms.

See before and after photos of the Claremont Council Chambers revival below. To find out more about our balustrade products call our sales consultants on 08 9302 1947 or email sales@absaus.com.au.