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What to Consider when Choosing your Pool Fence


When choosing a pool fence, one is faced with the challenge of taking a necessary safety feature and making it look aesthetically pleasing, complimenting both the home and outdoor area. Australians are spending more time now than ever entertaining and relaxing outdoors, therefore, choosing a pool fence is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Here are some factors you need to consider;

  • The position of your pool- the position of your pool and where you live has a significant impact on choosing a pool fence, e.g if you live in a coastal/hilly area, is the pool sheltered from the wind ?
  • The position of the pool gate- often overlooked,  it is important to choose the right location for the pool gate, as glass pool gates can catch in the wind
  • The size of your pool and pool area- smaller areas will benefit from a glazed pool fence, as it creates an unobstructed view and the illusion of more space.
  • The aesthetics and the perspective from your living/alfresco area- will it look good? Will it compliment the style of your pool and garden?
  • Space-If you have young kids, is there enough space in the pool area for toys etc. Also, safety is an issue here as they must not be able to climb on the pool fence.
  • Regulations- There are strict Australian Standards that all pool/spa fences need to adhere to, for example, pool gates must open out from the pool. This is why we recommend getting an expert, like ABS, to install your pool fence instead of trying to install your own. Do your research and use a reputable company to manufacture and install your pool fence.

Types of pool fencing available include;

‘Pool Fencing with a touch of Glass’

Glass is a popular choice for pool fencing for many obvious reasons;

  • It is aesthetically pleasing, contemporary and it allows unobstructed views of the pool area.
  • It acts as a wind barrier, which is especially important in hilly or coastal areas. It also increases warmth from sunlight in cooler months and reduces wind borne evaporation.
  • Glass is the safest option, as there are no horizontal bars that could allow children/pets to access the pool enclosure.

However, glass can be a more expensive option and the price varies between semi-frameless and frameless glass. See our Pool Fencing page for information and sample pictures on the range of glass pool fencing available.

Another option available for pool fencing is aluminium baluster systems. Aluminium is a more cost effective alternative to glass and it is easier to clean and maintain. However, it can disrupt the view of the pool and it does not have the same safety or wind barrier benefits, therefore we would recommend considering the glazed products for your pool fencing, or possibly a mix of the two.

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