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Pool Fence Regulations


All swimming pools in WA, regardless of age, must have isolation fencing or self-closing doors and protected windows between the pool and the house.  The Australian Standards cover the design, construction and performance of fences that restrict the access of young children to swimming pools.  All Absolute Balustrade pool fences comply with the relevant Australian Standards and BCA codes.  

These Australian Standards are as follows:

  • Australian Standard AS1926.1–2012 “Swimming pool safety – Part 1: Safety Barriers for swimming pools”
  • Australian Standard AS1926.2–2007 “Swimming pool safety – Part 2: Location of safety barriers for swimming pools”
  • Australian Standard AS2820–1993  “Gate units for private swimming pools”

Below is a summary of the key pool fence requirements outlined in these standards. Please note, these regulations vary by state.

Australian Standards for Swimming Pool Safety

  • Pool fencing must be a minimum height of 1.2 metres above ground level and boundary fences which form part of the pool safety fence must also be 1.2 metres and ‘pool compliant’ – as far as being non-climbable
  • Gaps under and within fences/gates must not be greater than 100mm
  • There should be no obstructions around the pool fence which could be used as a foothold for a child to climb the pool fence.
  • Swimming pools and safety fencing should not be installed without prior consent from council.
  • The pool gate must open outwards from the pool area and must be self-closing and self-latching
  • The pool latch mechanism must be 1.5 metres above ground level or have a shield if the mechanism is lower.
  • The gate must swing shut immediately.
  • All new pools must be separated by a complying barrier from the house and adjoining properties.
  • Direct access from the house to the pool area is not permitted.
  • An infinity pool’s wall that forms the drop of the pool edge may be regarded as part of a natural barrier as long as that drop is at least 1.2m. However, there are many variations and circumstances which must be taken into account if it is to comply with Australian standards.
  • WA also requires spa pools to be fenced. All pools and spas that are capable of holding more than 30cm of water at their deepest part must be fenced before the pool or spa is filled with water.


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